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Your futureproof personal account

Bring your assets into view within a beautiful, web-based app. Be among the first to open an account when we launch.

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Torca Financial is a trading name of UK Bond Network Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, number 719193.

Better than your current account

Advanced features and cutting-edge functionality come as standard. Gain more control over your asset portfolio and your money with support for cash and securities.

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UK-regulated custody for securities and digital assets

Holding large quantities of assets can bear significant risk. Reduce yours by using a simple, convenient, regulated custody solution.

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Pay with the Torca Card

A payments solution complete with direct debits and faster payments. Pay digitally via the Torca app, pay in person with your Torca Card or withdraw cash at home and abroad.

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Manage private equity

Transfer shares in private UK businesses to Torca Nominees and manage your portfolio all in one place. Streamline your efforts with communications tools and a slick, straightforward interface.

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