Issue securities with compliance

Easily use the money you raise

Rely on an FCA-authorised partner to verify your investors and collect the proceeds of your raise with safety, simplicity and compliance.

Torca Financial is a trading name of UK Bond Network Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, number 719193.

RegTech for Security Issuers

Convert commitments to cash

Leave it to us

We take legal responsibility for KYC and AML. Our risk-based approach is built from UK Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing legislation, sector rules and independent legal guidance, so your investors will be expertly assessed and verified.

A smooth route to contribute

Whether it’s from a desktop or a smartphone, creating a Torca account and contributing to your project is a slick and seamless experience for your investors, whether they are individuals or legal entities.

Start collecting

Invite your investors to onboard with Torca and start collect investments in your project. All funds are held in secure escrow until your transaction closes.

Ready-to-use cash

Receive your verified capital directly into your bank account and start funding your business operations. Soon, you'll be able to spend directly from your Torca account.

The benefits

Execute a clean fundraise

Businesses at the forefront of innovation can struggle to access regulated financial services, so we’re leading the charge – because being cutting-edge shouldn’t slow you down

Straightforward, legal verification of your investors, whether they’re individuals or legal entities

Download individual KYC packs for each of your onboarded investors

Add credibility to your project by working with an independent, FCA-regulated intermediary

Our Process

4 simple steps

Submit your email address via the form on this page and we'll contact you to commence the process.

  1. Onboard and engage
  2. Complete due diligence
  3. Commence fundraise
  4. Receive verified capital
  1. Create an account for yourself and then your business – all within the same simple process – and legally engage with Torca

  2. After we’ve undertaken due diligence on your business, we will finalise the terms, parameters and timeframes for your raise

  3. Commence your fundraise: start inviting your investors to onboard with Torca and make their contributions

  4. A regulatory on-ramp means a clean off-ramp for your funds. Once your raise closes, receive the proceeds directly into your bank account